Solar cable Harness


Cable and harness solutions satisfy the need for pre-cut and/or pre-terminated segments of PV wire for connecting PV modules to string combiners and inverters. Terminations are compatible with standard PV module connectors and string combiner whips or input fuse holders.

Mass wire and cable offers string combiners with pre-terminated input cable for ease of installation. Our prefabricated cable harnesses complement this option for a convenient and cost-optimized cabling solution between the array and the combiner boxes.

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  • – Cost reductions and scale efficiencies
  • – Increasing operational electricity yield
  • – Reducing Operation and Maintenance costs
  • – Flexibility, ease of Installation and Safety
  • – Strive for excellence, develop for innovation
  • – Advanced technology and sales through-train service
  • – Guaranteed Waterproof
  • – Seamless transition between cable and plug
  • – PV Connector standard IEC/EN 62852 compliant
  • – PV Cable DC standard as per EN 50618 compliant