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UL 493 – Underground Feeder Board Circuit Cable

  • – Type UF-B cable is generally used as feeder to outside post lamps, pumps, and other loads or apparatus fed from a distribution point in an existing building. Type UF-B may be installed as interior wiring in wet, dry or corrosive locations at temperatures not exceed 90°C. Type UF-B may also be used in applications permitted for Type NM-C construction as specified in Section 334.10(B) of the NEC. Type UF-B may be used where exposed to direct rays of the sun or underground, including direct burial. Maximum voltage rating for Type UF-B is 600 volts.
  • – UFB – PVC Insulated/PVC Jacketed

Technical Information

  • – Voltage Range : 600 V
  • – Temperature Range : -40°C to 90°C


  • – Conductor : Annealed Bare Copper
  • – Insulation : PVC 90degC
  • – Jacket : PVC 90degC

Product Range

  • – 14 AWG to 6 AWG

Standard Reference

  • – UL 493